Health Canada Issues Guidance Clarifying Canada Consumer Product Safety Act Requirements

On June 20, 2011, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (“CCPSA”) became effective, imposing incident reporting, testing, recall, and recordkeeping requirements on entities that manufacture, import, or sell consumer products in Canada. As previously noted, many of Canada’s new requirements may be more stringent than current U.S. consumer product safety laws, especially with regard to reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

Entities that manufacture, import, or sell products in Canada should ensure that they have created policies and procedures for detecting, reporting, and maintaining records for consumer product safety issues that comply with Canadian laws. The implementation of new requirements since January 2011 under U.S., Canadian, and other countries’ (e.g., Australia) consumer product safety laws makes it critical for entities to implement systems that will help them comply with the various new requirements and quickly implement corrective action plans.

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