Groupon Privacy Statement Revisions Reflect Evolving Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Groupon recently made sweeping and material changes to its web-posted privacy statement, allowing the company to collect more information and share it more freely with other companies. The changes allow Groupon to collect more information, including location information for its app-driven Groupon Now! deals, and to share it more freely with others, such as Expedia for its Groupon Getaways product. The NextDailyDeal article, Groupon Privacy Statement Revisions Reflect Rapid Changes in the Marketplace and an Evolving Legal and Regulatory Landscape,” provides a quick take on the what and why with respect to the changes to Groupon’s privacy statement.

Groupon’s revised privacy statement brings it more in line with FTC guidance, key concepts in proposed legislation, and developing industry best practices. Now is a good time for all players in the online advertising ecosystem to take stock of their current privacy statements and decided what needs re-working to reflect their company’s current business model and the evolving legal and regulatory landscape.