Facebook Eases the Requirements for Running Promotions

Last year, Facebook introduced Promotions Guidelines that governed how companies can run sweepstakes and contests on the Facebook platform. Among other things, the Guidelines stated that a company could not administer a promotion -- in other words, collect entries, conduct drawings, judge entries, or run any other aspect of a promotion -- on the platform unless the company first obtained written permission from Facebook. Written permission was only granted to companies that spent money advertising on Facebook.

Yesterday, Facebook updated the Promotions Guidelines. The most significant change is that companies no longer need to obtain written permission before administering a promotion on the Facebook platform.

Companies still have to comply with a number require requirements, though. For example: (a) people can only enter on the canvas page of an application or the application box in a tab on a Facebook Page; (b) companies have to include specific disclosures on the entry form and in the official rules; (c) companies cannot condition entry on taking certain actions on Facebook; and (d) promotions cannot be open to people who are under 18 or to residents of certain countries. The complete Guidelines and a list of do’s and don’ts are available on the Facebook site.

The revised Guidelines -- particularly the absence of requirement that Facebook approve promotions -- will make it much easier for companies to run promotions on the platform.