CPSC to Hold Workshop on Electronic Filing of Certificates of Compliance

Last week, the CPSC announced that it will be holding a workshop on the electronic filing of certificates of compliance on September 18, 2014. The workshop will discuss the May 2013 proposed amendments to the CPSC’s rule on certificates of compliance, which would require the electronic filing of certificates of compliance for regulated imported consumer products with U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the time of filing the CBP entry.

The goal of the workshop is for the CPSC to receive practical and procedural information from stakeholders about the electronic filing of certificates of compliance at entry into CBP’s system and, specifically, to: (1) listen to stakeholder concerns and challenges related to the electronic filing of certificates; (2) clarify certain issues related to the proposed rulemaking; (3) provide background on the CPSC’s pilot software system that reviews CBP import data; and (4) provide CBP with an opportunity to discuss its electronic filing systems.

The workshop will not discuss certificate content requirements or format requirements, other than at import. The CPSC will be accepting applications for individuals to make a presentation at the workshop until August 8, and will be accepting written comments until October 31.