Using Green” Marketing Claims? Make Them Clear

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

With green” products becoming more and more prevalent, marketers must ensure that their green marketing claims do not overstate the environmental benefits of their product or service, or they could face regulatory investigations or challenges from competitors. The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has established national standards for green marketing claims in the Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, commonly called the Green Guides, which help reduce confusion among consumers and prevent false or misleading advertising claims.

The article, Using Green’ Marketing Claims? Make Them Clear,” discusses the Green Guides and provides helpful guidance for marketers. When it comes to promoting green products and their environmental benefits, the key is to make claims that are crystal clear. The FTC is expected to issue revisions to the Green Guides any day, so marketers should also be on the lookout for updates that could affect the use of biodegradable,” carbon neutral,” and recyclable” claims, carbon offsets, and third-party certifications.