The Resurrection Of The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill

Special counsel Jennifer McCadney and senior advisor Greg Mastel co-authored the Law360 article The Resurrection Of The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill.” President Obama recently signed into law the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2016. This imposingly titled bill is the result of several years of efforts to revive the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill or MTB process, which was largely given up for dead in 2011. Jennifer and Greg note that the legislation is the result of the careful, bipartisan compromise that the current Congress and president are generally thought no longer capable of doing with any degree of certainty or consistency. They say that the MTB is proving that sometimes the process can actually work. They go on to analyze the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill and suggest that companies interested in pursuing MTB petitions would be well advised to comb through their import records now to identify possible MTB candidates and begin assembling the information necessary to support their petition.