The Pros and Cons of LNG Exporting

Valve Magazine

Special counsel Wayne D’Angelo authored the Valve Magazine news article, The Pros and Cons of LNG Exporting.” This article discusses how the United States has become the world’s largest producer of natural gas due to techniques like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, and what the financial and political implications are of exporting this energy resource.

Domestic natural gas development has led to job creation, a bolstered manufacturing industry, and a path towards U.S. energy independence.  Critics of exporting, worry that it will undermine the benefits this cheap energy offers to the United States. Wayne explores the possibilities of whether and how to export the large amount of natural gas America is producing, especially in light of the recent attention this topic has gotten from Congress, the President, and the Department of Energy’s newly appointed Secretary of Energy, Ernest J. Moniz. He concludes that one fact in this debate is clear – no decision will have a more profound impact on U.S. energy policy than the DOE’s ruling on LNG exports.”

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