The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest


Pinterest, started two years ago, is a quickly growing social media site that allows pinners” to post photographic content discovered from around the web. Like many burgeoning social media websites, it offers companies a new venue for exposure yet also presents a new set of legal considerations. Because Pinterest effectively hosts content from a variety of web sources, property ownership and copyright are major considerations for companies hoping to establish a presence on the site. Kelley Drye partner, Gonzolo Mon, answers the most pressing questions related to the website: Does Pinterest own what you post? What rights does it have to what you post? Must you own what you post? And, finally, is Pinterest worth the risks?

This article discusses the legal considerations that should be taken into account so that companies can maximize their presence while avoiding potential pitfalls on the social media site, Pinterest.

The article, The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest ‚” is used with permission and originally published by Mashable.