Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Augmented Reality

Internet Marketing Guide to Everything

Partner Alysa Hutnik had her 2012 Mashable article Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Augmented Reality” re-published in the Internet Marketing Guide to Everything. The article notes that, while part of a niche industry, AR applications are being championed by tech players like Google and Nokia, and a host of mobile app developers have launched AR apps for the growing number of smartphones and portable computing devices. The power of AR, particularly for marketers, is its ability to overlay highly relevant, timely, and interactive data about specific products or services within a user’s live physical environment. Marketers considering whether to add an AR app to the marketing mix, however, should be aware that traditional consumer protection rules still apply. The article highlights several key advertising law and consumer privacy principles that companies should consider when entering this emerging space.