Mobile Privacy: 5 Legal Concerns for Developers


In the arena of mobile apps, privacy is hot issue. In the past few weeks, this focus on privacy intensified as the FTC, the California Attorney General, and the White House weighed in with new announcements. There are two main things to take away from this recent activity. First, regulators are putting pressure on everyone in the mobile app ecosystem to improve their practices, so it is everyone’s responsibility to comply. And second, with the number of regulators focusing on these issues, it will get harder for companies to avoid compliance. Everyone in the mobile app ecosystem should be paying attention to these developments.

This article discusses what developers and anyone who works with mobile apps should know about the recent privacy developments. It also provides five tips to stay ahead of regulators.

The article, Mobile Privacy: 5 Legal Concerns for Developers,” is used with permission and originally published by Mashable.