Managing Litigation in Patent Cases to Reduce Cost

IP Litigator

The article notes that in today’s economic environment, it is more important than ever for attorneys to be aware of all the methods that law firms can use to reduce the costs associated with litigation after the discovery phase. Companies are requiring law firms to describe the methods by which they will add value and will reject the often ad hoc systems employed by individual partners and insist that firms use time-tested, efficient processes, regardless of the partners and associates assigned to the matter. The article provides practical advice about the benefits of Electronic Case Management (ECM), its limitations, and the software available. Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in e-discovery is an outlet employed by various firms to reduce cost. The article focuses on the opportunity ESI provides to law firms to reduce costs of various projects in the post e-discovery phase of the patent case through ECM, which is an issues-driven system using computer technology to facilitate the organization of information and the ultimate case presentation. Outlined are three types of software aimed at reducing costs within the overall ECM system, which include Communication Software, Trial Team Software and Trial Presentation Software. The article suggests that electronic case management operated with basic computer hardware and software will improve efficiency and reduce costs.