Got Organization?

National Fisherman

The article discusses the mainstream integration of agriculture marketing and its connection to the U.S. fishing industry. The article references well-known slogans like Beef – Its What’s for Dinner,” Pork – The Other White Meat,” and the Got Milk?” advertisements. The article presents the option of the fishing industry employing a similar strategy. It describes national television and print advertisements showing hardworking fishermen harvesting fresh fish from pristine waters. Moreover, the popularity of the hit TV show Deadliest Catch,” is just the latest confirmation that the images associated with commercial fishery are compelling and even iconic.

The article suggests that a potential fishing industry campaign has the benefit of an increasing body of rigorous scientific research into the wide array of health benefits accompanying the consumption of fish, from improved cardiovascular health to better brain function. In short, Eat Fish – Live Better. The most important message that can be associated with this claim is confirmed on the National Marine Fisheries Service’s FishWatch Web site, which confirms that if you buy fish managed under a U.S. fishery management plan, you can be assured it meets 10 national standards that ensure fish stocks are maintained, overfishing is eliminated, and the long-term socioeconomic benefits to the nation are achieved.”

Lastly, the article suggests that the initial step for the industry is to decide if this idea has merit, and perhaps, convene a summit of major domestic fisheries associations, including fisherman, processors and marketers to discuss this concept. Also, a focus should be placed on the details of financing and governance following a decision to embark on a common approach.