Going Green Without Giving Up Your Greenbacks

Advertising Compliance Service

The article discusses the potential for green” products to break through the clutter, in an environment in which consumers are watching their purse strings. The article advises that marketers must ensure their green” claims do not overstate green” benefits or companies may potentially face regulatory investigations, as well as challenges from their competitors.

It outlines practical advice for marketers to stay in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides.” The Guides are not laws or administrative rules, but rather they provide instruction on how the FTC views environmental marketing claims and how it will interpret its authority to regulate unfair or deceptive acts or practices under Section 5 of the FTC Act when examining environmental marketing claims.

The article advises that marketers should pay close attention to the developments as the Commission considers making revisions to its existing environmental marketing policies. Also, marketers should ensure that their environmental marketing claims are clearly presented to consumers, tailored to the specific attribute that the business is touting, and supported by adequate substantiation.