Exporting LNG: A Legislative Update

Valve Magazine

Government Relations Professional Maggie Crosswy authored the Valve Magazine article, Exporting LNG: A Legislative Update.” This article discusses how the energy boom happening across the United States, with a particular focus on LNG exports, has created an intense policy debate for the 113th Congress. Members of the House of Representatives and a bipartisan group of Senators sent letters to the DOE Secretary to urge quick approval of pending LNG export applications. On the other side there are Congressional members who have expressed concern that increased exports would lead to a rise in prices for domestic natural gas consumers; some of these congressional colleagues have even introduced legislation addressing the issue.

Maggie notes that it is unlikely these proposals will advance considering there is bipartisan support for LNG exports. She explains that for the time being Congress appears to be taking a wait and see’ approach in lieu of legislating...The debate continues in committee rooms on both sides of the Capitol, with several hearings already held to debate the merits of LNG exports.”

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