Export Controls: A Guide To Dealing With ITAR and Dual-Use Rules That Challenge A Growing Industry

Unmanned Systems Magazine

The unmanned vehicle and robotics industry is growing and is set to take advantage of new opportunities as UAS and robotics move into more civil and commercial applications.Producers are also looking for increased sales overseas as the fiscalcliff” and further budget cuts in Washington approach. This chang-ing landscape presents the industry with new opportunities, but it also comes with new risks, particularly regarding the complex and changing world of export controls.

Violations of export control laws can cost companies millions in penalties and fees, reputational damage with the U.S. government, lost opportunities with prime contractors and even jail time for violations.

In this article, Eric McClafferty explains compliance systems for dealing with U.S. export control rules and how to prevent releases of controlled technical data and classify products, among numerous other critical compliance steps, as well as a look ahead at what exporters may expect from President Obama’s Export Control Reform Initiative.