CPSC Imposes Another Six-Figure Civil Penalty

American Conference Institute Blog

In advance of a speech at the American Conference Institute, partner Christie Thompson authored the ACI guest blog post CPSC Imposes Another Six-Figure Civil Penalty.” In February, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a settlement with Whalen Furniture Manufacturing, Inc., resolving allegations that the company failed to file a timely Section 15(b) Report and imposing a $725,000 civil penalty. The penalty demonstrates that the CPSC will be particularly aggressive when it goes to a company to seek information, even if the product meets certain safety standards. The author notes that this continues the trend of the CPSC seeking higher civil penalties for untimely reports.

Christie’s June 26, 2013 presentation at the ACI Consumer Products Regulation & Litigation conference will cover how to navigate product recalls, from the pre-engagement determinations when the product recall needs to be initiated to measures you can take while waiting for your recall to close.

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