3 FTC Cases That Could Affect Your Mobile App


Since August of this year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced three different law enforcement actions pertaining to mobile app developers and the companies’ owners. The first case, against Emily Apps, scrutinizes mobile apps that collect children’s personal information without parental consent. The second, against AcneApp, tackles deceptive health-related claims. The last, against Frostwire, addresses concerns over an app’s default settings, which allowed sharing of data without the user’s consent. These settlements supplement the FTC’s statements made earlier this year to Congress, which concerned the agency’s close scrutiny of mobile app marketing and privacy practices.

The article, 3 FTC Cases That Could Affect Your Mobile App,” provides a recap of recent cases of note and discusses some lessons to take away from the current mobile app settlements.

This article is used with permission and originally published by Mashable.