Marketing and Promotions

Technology and social media offer invaluable opportunities for innovation, cutting-edge campaigns, and connection with your customers. But are you inviting unwanted attention from regulators and plaintiffs’ attorneys?

Our promotions team offers guidance on structuring sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, loyalty programs, and other promotions to ensure they comply with laws.

Connect with Your Customers—Without Risking Your Brand

We have worked with clients from start-ups to major brands on some of the largest sweepstakes and contests in the United States, ranging from social media promotions with user-generated content to major instant-win promotions that have been offered by various retailers.

We are a part of every stage—we draft rules, review advertisements, advise on implementation, and negotiate agreements with promotional partners. And because of our experience with hundreds of promotions, we also advise clients on strategies that result in successful promotions and can identify early on when strategies are likely to lead to issues. In addition, we work with our international network of lawyers to assist clients with cross-border campaigns and promotions.

If inquiries arise, we are prepared to advocate for you. We defend companies when their promotions are challenged by consumers and regulators. For example, we defended a quick-service restaurant against a lawsuit alleging that its instant win game violated gambling and lottery laws.

Teaming Up with a Non-Profit?

We help for-profit companies develop, implement, and run cause marketing campaigns and commercial co-ventures with nonprofits, including high-profile charitable promotions for global consumer brands.

We advise on structure and advertising, negotiate co-venture agreements with nonprofits, and help you meet registration and other state law requirements.

Team Members