Melissa L. Gelade


New Jersey
Phone number
(973) 503-5907

Melissa Gelade focuses her practice on commercial real estate finance and commercial mortgage securitization, where she represents debt funds, investment banks, insurance companies and institutional lenders.

Melissa recognizes that even the smallest detail of a transaction has the potential to derail the deal as a whole. As a result, she is appreciated for her ability to identify and resolve potential issues before they can evolve into obstructive problems. A collaborator at heart, Melissa seeks to find the right solution for all parties in order to complete the transaction as efficiently as possible.

Melissa began her career working on a broad range of real estate transactions before moving her focus to real estate finance, and is therefore able to see the many vantage points and perspectives of myriad deal constituents. Responsive and detail-oriented, Melissa is valued for her pragmatic approach to analyzing each transaction and her ability to distill complex issues. Committed to safeguarding her clients’ objectives throughout the negotiation process, Melissa seeks to realize an end result that supports a continuing and mutually beneficial relationship between her clients and their constituents.

Melissa has extensive experience in the origination and securitization of a variety of commercial loan structures including mortgage loans, mezzanine loans and bridge loans secured by all classes of commercial real estate.

I focus on the big picture and keep the deal moving forward while maintaining sight of the hidden, critical details to reach an outcome in line with what is ultimately important to my client.”