Daniel J. Harrison

Senior Associate

New York
Phone number
(212) 808-7826

An experienced litigator, Dan concentrates his practice representing government entities in high-impact litigation to protect public health, safety, and the environment.

Combining his complex litigation experience working as both a government attorney and private practitioner, Dan represents public and private sector clients in environmental litigation. These actions seek natural resource damages and treatment of contaminated drinking water supplies. A substantial portion of these cases concern per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) environmental contamination.

Prior to joining the firm, Dan worked for an international law firm representing individuals in mass tort and personal injury actions, including those harmed by dangerous pharmaceuticals, defective medical devices, toxic pollution, and consumer fraud.

Dan also previously acted as a Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office where he primarily focused on prosecuting polluters as a member of the Environmental Enforcement and Environmental Justice section. There, he successfully litigated and resolved several complex matters brought on behalf of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection against various corporations responsible for contamination. He specifically handled several high-profile matters as part of the Attorney General’s natural resource damages, cost recovery, and environmental justice initiatives, including cases involving widespread PFAS contamination.

Dan began his legal career in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as a paralegal throughout law school and as an Assistant District Attorney responsible for prosecuting individuals charged with committing various felonies and misdemeanors in Northwest Philadelphia.

Mass Tort/Personal Injury

As lead counsel in actions against a major medical device manufacturer, successfully negotiated six figure settlements for individuals who suffered from severe complications from defective hip implants.

As lead counsel for actions filed against a major pharmaceutical company, successfully negotiated dozens of settlements for individuals who suffered from undisclosed side effects of an antipsychotic medication.

As lead counsel for a personal injury action, successfully negotiated a six-figure settlement for claims brought on behalf of individuals injured in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver in Adams County, Pennsylvania.

As lead counsel for a personal injury action filed in Berks County, Pennsylvania, secured a six-figure settlement for an individual who suffered from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

As lead counsel for an action against a property management company, secured a favorable settlement on behalf of a sexual assault victim in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As lead counsel for a personal injury action, obtained a favorable settlement under an individual’s uninsured motorist coverage policy for injuries sustained in a hit and run automobile accident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Attorney General

As lead deputy for a cost-recovery action against a major chemical corporation, successfully negotiated a consent decree in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency that recovered full reimbursement of the State’s past cleanup and response costs, as well as the defendant’s commitment to remediate a Superfund site in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

As lead deputy for a civil enforcement action against a chemical company located in an environmental justice community in Essex County, New Jersey, recovered stipulated penalties via court order for the company’s failure to remediate the property at issue as required by a prior Administrative Consent Order.

As lead deputy for two civil enforcement actions against gas station owners and operators in Bergen and Union County, New Jersey, successfully recovered penalties via Administrative Consent Orders for violations of the Underground Storage of Hazardous Substances (UST) Act.

As secondary deputy for an action involving TCE and other contaminants, assisted with negotiating a favorable settlement that reimbursed the State for its past cleanup and response costs related to groundwater contamination in Warren County, New Jersey.

As secondary deputy in a cost-recovery action involving gasoline-related contamination in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, assisted with mediation that led to a favorable settlement that reimbursed the State for its past cleanup and response costs under the Spill Compensation and Control Act.

As lead deputy defending various state entities and employees, successfully resolved dozens of personal injury and civil rights actions/or via motions to dismiss and summary judgment in both state and federal court, including but not limited to claims stemming from automobile accidents, slip and falls, and various alleged constitutional violations.

As lead deputy, authored appellate briefs that resulted in two favorable decisions affirming the trial courts’ dismissals of civil rights lawsuits brought against the State.

As secondary deputy, assisted with writing an appellate brief that resulted in a favorable opinion affirming an Administrative Law Judge’s decision regarding a property developer’s Spill Fund eligibility.