Christine Isaacs

Senior Associate

New York
Phone number
(212) 808-7556

Christine Isaacs represents individuals, corporations, and financial institutions in general litigation matters including labor and employment, internal investigations, bankruptcy litigation, and commercial litigation in federal and state courts, investigations, and in mediation. She represents clients in diverse fields including financial services, investment banking, media and entertainment, and information technology.

Her experience touches on all parts of the civil litigation process, including managing discovery, drafting dispositive motions, all aspects of trial preparation, trial work, and drafting post-trial motions.

In addition, Christine has an extensive Pro Bono practice comprising of representation of veterans and unemployment benefits claimants. Christine was a 2017 Pro Bono Scholar at Volunteers of Legal Service (VOLS), where she completed over 500 hours in the Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Project. She has also represented veterans including before the US Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims and in obtaining Combat Related Special Compensation (“CRSC”) benefits.

Representation of a client in a civil trial against human trafficking allegations and tort claims in the Eastern District of New York.

Successfully defending a foreign central bank against RICO and other claims brought by U.S. plaintiffs.

Representation of a journalist of a prominent media company against tort actions and various First Amendment challenges.

Conducted multiple internal investigations of #MeToo allegations brought against a variety of companies including a prominent media company.

Representation of a client in a criminal trial with a focus on RICO allegations in the Southern District of New York.

Successfully secured Combat Related Special Compensation (“CRSC”) benefits for a veteran.

Successfully obtained asylum at a hearing before an Immigration Court Judge for an LGBTQ+ individual who left his home country to escape persecution.

Successfully secured T Visas for victims of labor trafficking.