William MacLeod Urges the Automotive Industry to Preserve Prior Resort

Washington, DC – William C. MacLeod, Chair of Kelley Drye’s Antitrust Practice Group, urged auto manufacturers to fight warranty disputes taken into court. Addressing a forum hosted by the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ (BBB) AUTO LINE program, Mr. MacLeod discussed the important role that informal dispute resolution, also known as prior resort,” plays in settling issues as an alternative to litigation.

Not only is it federal law that requires plaintiffs to use the AUTO LINE program,” Mr. MacLeod explained. But following the rules of this requirement avoids costly litigation and ensures that warranty disputes are resolved fairly and efficiently.”

BBB AUTO LINE is an informal dispute resolution mechanism (IDSM) that helps automobile manufacturers and individual customers resolve issues concerning alleged manufacturing defects. However, many law firms try to circumvent the IDSMs, which in turn, encourages consumers to file cases directly against auto manufacturers.

The Magnuson-Moss Act steers routine warranty disputes away from courts and into less-expensive IDSMs such as AUTO LINE. Under the Act, some states require consumers to initially try IDSMs before filing claims under the state’s lemon law, a law that establishes a standard to determine when vehicles should be replaced by the manufacturer.

Yet, some lawyers argue that IDSMs do not comply with the relevant FTC regulations. They also claim that requiring prior resort in cases that also involve claims not subject to a prior resort requirement would contravene the policy against judicial inefficiency.

Mr. MacLeod refuted these common arguments against prior resort by reviewing numerous cases that uphold the rights of manufacturers to use AUTO LINE. He explained one of the purposes of prior resort is to save time and judicial resources, which is exactly what AUTO LINE does.

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