Thomson Reuters Notes Kelley Drye’s Representation of Rwandan Government on ContourGlobal’s Kivuwatt Project

In an article, ContourGlobal Signs Agreement with Republic of Rwanda to Develop Lake Kivu Methane Gas Project Contract: $325 Million Investment is Largest in Rwanda’s History and Will Add 100 MW of Electricity,” Thomson Reuters noted that Kelley Drye was one of the counsel to the Rwandan government in the Kivuwatt Project.” The article discussed the Republic of Rwanda’s selection of ContourGlobal Kivuwatt Ltd. for its Kivuwatt Project,” which includes the development of an integrated gas extraction facility that will extract methane from Lake Kivu, a deep water lake located on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. ContourGlobal will invest approximately $325 million into the project, which will also build an electricity generation facility which will provide 100 MW of natural gas fired electricity” to Rwanda and the surrounding East African countries of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. The power plant is the first Independent Power Project” developed in Rwanda and will double the amount of electricity currently generated inside the country.”

This news was published in multiple outlets such as the San Francisco Business Times, the Houston Chronicle and Yahoo!Finance.