The Washington Post Quotes Partner William M. Guerry Jr. on E15 Fuel

In The Washington Post article, E15 Fears: More Ethanol in Gasoline Is Bad News for Power Equipment, Critics Say,” partner William M. Guerry Jr. discussed the EPA’s decision to allow greater ethanol in gasoline. E15 fuel has an ethanol content, increased from 10 to 15 percent. The E15 fuel is supposed to be used only in cars and light trucks manufactured since 2007. However, outdoor power equipment manufacturers argue once E15 is sold in gas stations, consumers will mis-fuel their power equipment, with costly and hazardous consequences.

Critics say ethanol runs hotter and will shorten engine life, damage fuel lines, and make equipment prone to fuel leaks and fire hazards.

The article quoted Mr. Guerry, attorney for the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. He said the availability of E15 could produce a train wreck in the marketplace.

Mr. Guerry also predicted E15 would be more profitable than E10 (current gasoline with 10 percent ethanol content) for gasoline retailers. In the future, this would cause a wholesale transfer to E15. If E10 is eventually no longer available, Mr. Guerry noted people would turn to E15, despite mis-fueling regulations.