The National Law Journal Quotes Mark Konkel on the EEOC’s Power to Dig into Company Files

Partner Mark Konkel was interviewed by The National Law Journal regarding the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s power to subpoena internal documents of companies under investigation.

The article Court Confronts Scope of EEOC’s Power to Dig Into Company Files” discusses Bower v. BDO USA LLP, which may result in BDO’s disclosure of certain internal documents to U.S. regulators investigating discrimination and retaliation claims. Mark comments on how the direction of the commission could change under the new acting chair, Victoria Lipnic, and how the agency may steer away from aggressively investigating claims under its new leadership.

The EEOC had been taking a hard look at systemic practices that were a nationwide concern. There are now indications that it will return to its more limited role of looking at individual discrimination cases,” said Mark.

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