The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Interviews Partner Deepak Nambiar on Outsourcing

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviewed partner Deepak Nambiar on the increasing use of outsourcing and the various risks and rewards involved. Mr. Nambiar explained that legal process outsourcing (“LPO”) has not severely impacted the legal sector and if used correctly, can be used to foster a better relationship with the client. He noted that, they can use that tool to expand work in areas that require more sophisticated skills, creating a win-win situation for the law firm and the client.” A major concern associated with outsourcing work is the increased risk of breaches or disclosures of information and while Mr. Nambiar concurred with this statement, he described how it represents an opportunity to improve compliance and protection through increased controls and annual audits. India has traditionally acted as the main outsourcing destination but due its increase in costs, other countries such as Poland and Czechoslovakia in Eastern Europe and Chile, Argentina and Brazil in Latin America have become more popular.