The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Features Partner Christie Grymes Thompson in Advertising Law Interview

An interview with partner Christie Grymes Thompson was published in the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC) article Brand Champion: As regulatory scrutiny of marketing intensifies, it’s more important than ever to safeguard the company’s brand.” Ms. Thompson, who was recently named 2016 D.C. Advertising Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers, talked with MCC about how advertising law has exploded into one of the hottest practice areas in the country. Much of the work I do is regulatory and involves federal agencies and state attorneys general. In recent years, they have been more aggressive in pursuing consumer protection and product safety matters. The plaintiffs’ bar has followed, particularly in jurisdictions like California. Topics that had not been hotbeds of enforcement activity or litigation now are regularly targets of class action attorneys. That reflects a shift,” noted Ms. Thompson when asked about recent trends.

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