The LexBlog Network References Interview with Partner Wayne J. D’Angelo

A quote from Partner Wayne J. D’Angelos 2012 interview with LXBN TV was featured in the LexBlog Network article Obama Administration Announces Fracking Rules, a Small Step in Regulating the Practice.” The article outlines the Obama Administration’s newly released fracking guidelines and how major fracking issues continue to exist at the state level. In the interview, Mr. D’Angelo spoke about the issues,”…Places like Ohio have said they recognized it, they are the primary regulator there. They had some seismic activity last year around New Year’s Eve. They did a formal and an informal moratorium on permits for this underground injection control wells. And when they crafted their hydraulic fracturing regulations they were able to do so in a way that protects these geologic formations that were causing these seismic events. And that’s the sort of level of granularity and specificity that only a state can do. The EPA and the federal government, they have a lot of tools, but they’re rather hamfisted in that what they do they have to do in a rather broad national basis.”

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