The LexBlog Network Quotes Partner Wayne D’Angelo on Fracking Regulations

Partner Wayne D’Angelo was quoted in the LexBlog Network article Fracking Regulations On Shaky Ground.” Recently, a federal judge in Wyoming struck down the Obama administration’s regulations on fracking, ruling that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) doesn’t have authority to establish rules over fracking on federal and Native American lands. The decision is just one in what’s likely to be a long journey filled with appeals and ups-and-downs for both sides. The rules tried to address the boom in the fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) industry, which has grown in popularity and skepticism in recent years. The article notes that Congress seems to have repeatedly seen to it that the ability to regulate fracking stays with the states and that states have been acting in this area. Mr. D’Angelo’s comments come from a 2012 interview on LXBN TV: There is a sort of a goldilocks scenario for legislation: At a federal level they can’t really set regulations that represent a local hydrology or geology. And states have the ability to recognize that, and they have and they’ve been very successful so far. They’ve got experience regulating and they’ve got a really good track record; like I said earlier there’s not been an instance of groundwater contamination caused by hydraulic fracturing,” he said.

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