The Global Legal Post Quotes Partner Robert I. Steiner on Handling New Employee Issues

Partner Robert I. Steiner’s interview with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel is referenced in the Global Legal Post article Employers Fail to Restrain Irresponsible Employees”. The article focuses on new hires from a competitor, with advice from Mr. Steiner that the new employer should make clear that it does not want and will not accept any information from the prior employer.

Mr. Steiner provided advice on how to avoid injunction lawsuits aimed at stopping misappropriation. He notes that in most cases, it is because my client identified an issue, we engaged the other side, and the new employer ignored the issue by refusing to do anything.”  Adding that If you want to avoid being on the wrong side of an injunction, take a reasonable position and attempt to find a solution. That is not always possible, and if your adversary is unreasonable and intent on suing, you may end up in court, but at least you can tell the judge you took the issue seriously, did what you could, and only ended up in court as a last resort.”

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