Statement From Kelley Drye’s Chair and Managing Partner on Supreme Court Decisions on Affirmative Action

Last week the United States Supreme Court released two decisions striking down affirmative action admissions policies at colleges and universities.

We want to reiterate the firm’s support for diversity and inclusion at Kelley Drye and in the broader legal profession. Diversity and Inclusion are core values for us. We welcome, respect and value the diversity - in all the myriad ways it manifests - that makes each of our employees unique. The perspectives, life experiences, ideas, and talents that each person brings to the Kelley Drye community contribute to our firm culture and to the exceptional service that we provide to our clients. Firm leadership remains committed to building and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace of talented lawyers, law students and business professionals of all backgrounds. In our diverse culture, preservation and expansion of equal opportunities for all people is critical.