Special Counsel Benjamin D. Feder is Quoted in The Capitol Forum Regarding General Motors Corp.’s Ignition Defect Claims

Special counsel Benjamin D. Feder is quoted in The Capitol Forum article General Motors: Relief against New GM Remains Longshot for Ignition Defect Claimants, Although Settlement Possible; Mootness Considerations Present Substantial, But Not Insurmountable, Obstacle to Relief against Old GM.” The article discusses claims against General Motors Corp. regarding defective ignition switches. Judge Robert E. Gerber will determine whether the claimants will be able to pursue new claims against New GM, pursue claims against Old GM only, or not pursue claims against either. Mr. Feder states, it is highly unlikely that Judge Gerber’s ruling on threshold issues will completely shut the door on the Claimants’ ability to obtain discovery on theories of relief against New GM…[I] would be not surprised if New GM decided to settle with the claimants.”