Partners John Herrmann, Paul Rosenthal, Kathleen Cannon, and Grace Kim Mentioned In Law360 Article ITC Kicks Off Probe Of Chinese Aluminum Foil”

On March 14th, the U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday initiated an investigation of imported Chinese aluminum foil, based on allegations from the Aluminum Association that the foil is being unfairly dumped and subsidized at the expense of U.S. producers.

The U.S.-based association filed petitions for anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese aluminum foil, asserting that China’s unfair trade practices have slashed the U.S. foothold in the domestic foil market from 84 percent in 2004 to 69 percent last year.

The Aluminum Association is represented by John M. Herrmann, Paul C. Rosenthal, Kathleen W. Cannon and Grace W. Kim.

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