Partner Wayne D’Angelo Testifies Before Congress on Environmental Barriers to Infrastructure Development

Wayne J. D’Angelo, Kelley Drye partner and co-chair of the firm’s energy practice, testified before the House Government Reform & Oversight Subcommittees on Interior, Energy, and Environment, and Intergovernmental Affairs on March 1. The hearing was entitled Examining Barriers to Infrastructure Development.” Wayne testified as counsel to the Steel Manufacturers Association.  His testimony provided examples of environmental regulations and statutes that inhibit infrastructure growth and identified ways to remove unnecessary impediments from projects critical to American infrastructure and jobs.

The hearing was called after a December 2016 report from the Treasury Department that listed 40 proposed infrastructure projects of major economic significance.” The report notes that environmental regulatory requirements contribute to capital cost, which is a significant challenge to these projects.

Wayne discussed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and their effect on energy, transportation, and flood control projects

Watch the video of Wayne’s testimony.

Read a transcript of Wayne’s testimony.