Partner Tom Cohen Quoted In Telephony Online Article

Partner Tom Cohen was quoted in a Telephony Online article titled, Incumbents Smart to Watch Stimulus Funding Carefully.” The article discussed the allocation of Broadband Stimulus money and suggests that incumbents should participate in and pay close attention to the process. Agencies involved in the Broadband Stimulus funding will publish a census block list where applications have been entered, and according to Mr. Cohen, the incumbents that serve in the respective census blocks will have to read and assert why those areas are not unserved.”

Mr. Cohen explains that because both agencies are under pressure to get money out the door quickly and already are falling slightly behind, they are looking for help in determining which areas need broadband.” In the article he further  suggests that the lack of coherent broadband mapping across the country remains a concern.” Mr. Cohen highlights that some states, such as Virginia, have done a good job of mapping broadband availability, but broadband penetration rate information remains in the hands of service providers who are not all that eager to share data.