Partner Laurence J. Lasoff Quoted On Trade Concerns In Stainless Steel Industry

American Metal Market interviewed partner Laurence J. Lasoff on stainless steel industry concerns regarding an uptick in imports of large-diameter stainless steel bar. The Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) last week expressed concerns, pointing to triple-digit percentage gains in U.S. imports of stainless steel bar and other specialty steel products between July-December 2009 and July-December 2010.

Mr. Lasoff, who represents SSINA, said, There is great and increasing demand for higher-purity stainless, which you get through VAR or ESR melting.” These more specific breakouts will enable domestic stainless bar makers to determine whether or when there is need for a potential trade case, whether from dumping or circumvention or some other illegal practice, Lasoff said. However, there is no trade case pending, he added.

The situation with stainless steel bar products is one that we’re watching closely to see whether U.S. trade laws are complied with,” Lasoff said. We’re looking at the issue now in terms of how it’s achieving its increasing share of the market.”