Partner Laurence J. Lasoff Quoted on Impact of US Embargo of Cuban Nickel on Steel Industry

Partner Laurence J. Lasoff was quoted in a CubaNews article, SSINA: Chinese Steel Tests Embargo,” which discussed an embargo that prevents U.S. steel producers from buying Cuban nickel. China, domestic producers say, is able to purchase Cuban nickel and compete unfairly by undercutting U.S. producers’ steel prices. Members of the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) have requested to investigate U.S. imports of Chinese stainless steel due to potential Cuban nickel content. Mr. Lasoff noted that over 90% of Cuba’s nickel production is ultimately exported to China.”

Mr. Lasoff, who represents the Specialty Steel Industry of North America, contended nickel is one of the most important alloys in the production of stainless steel, and our industry is concerned that there is a lot of Cuban nickel in Chinese steel exports to the United States.” In order to have a degree of parity, Mr. Lasoff suggests that the embargo is strictly enforced against China, as it is the United States, or the embargo is lifted so that the United States steel producers are not put at a disadvantage.