Partner Gonzalo E. Mon Quoted on Unsolicited and Deceptive Text Message Lawsuit

In a Mobile Marketer article titled SMS Marketing Lesson: One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Bunch,” partner Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted. The article discussed a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission seeking to shut down an operation that allegedly sent consumers millions of unlawful text and email messages without recipients’ consent.

If the FTC’s allegations are correct, this case is very different in that the underlying operation and offer themselves were unlawful and deceptive,” Mr. Mon said. Although this case does once again illustrate the importance of getting consent before sending messages, the larger point is arguably the content of the messages sent by the defendant and the nature of the defendant’s campaign,” he said.

Mr. Mon noted that the outcome of this case is unlikely to have a significant impact on legitimate mobile marketers that offer legitimate services to their customers.”