Partner Gonzalo E. Mon Quoted on LivingSocial Class Action Lawsuit

In a Mobile Marketer article titled LivingSocial Sued for Allegedly Misleading Consumers,” partner Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted. The article discussed a claim filed against LivingSocial alleging the company is violating federal and state gift card laws and Washington’s Consumer Protection Act laws by printing expiration dates on its certificates and conning consumers.

The plaintiffs in the suit against LivingSocial, like the plaintiffs in the suit against Groupon, argue that the deals offered by LivingSocial constitute gift certificates and that the expiration dates on the deals violate Washington’s ban on expiration dates, as well as the five-year requirement under federal law,” said Mr. Mon. Additionally, Mr. Mon stated companies should take a close look at any offers that combine pre-payment with an expiration date in order to evaluate their risk of being a target of these types of suits.”