Partner Barbara Hoey Quoted In Law360 On Cuomo Harassment Scandal

Partner Barbara Hoey was quoted in a recent Law360 article on 5 Takeaways As Harassment Scandal Ends Cuomo Era.”

In the article Barbara discusses the importance of removing, not only, the bad actor but also enablers who contribute to and perpetuate harassment in the workplace. You may remove the CEO, but if you haven’t sent a message that not only was his behavior bad, but the cover-up that surrounded him was bad, then you’re not really changing anything.”

This is like ripping off a bandage, this is not easy, as you may be taking out core people in an organization,” Hoey added. But unfortunately, you have to really change the mindset of your senior staff. There has to be some consequence for those who were the enablers.”

You can read the full story here. (May require a subscription)