paidContent​.org Quotes Partner Andrea L. Calvaruso on ICANN’s New Domain Names Proposal

In an article, New Internet Names Feared, Loathed By All,” paidContent​.org reported on a new Internet naming scheme, scheduled to take effect in January 2012. ICANN, the entity responsible for Internet names, has a plan to open the current Internet naming system so anyone can buy websites ending in anything--and host content on them.

Starting January 12, registrants of “.chanel” or “.worldvision” must pay $185,000 to register the names or risk another entity’s purchasing names with those website endings, which could cause confusion.

“ Companies are nervous,’ said Andrea Calvaruso, a trademark expert with Kelley Drye in New York. She says that she has several big clients who are incredulous and resentful at having to acquire yet more domain names but they feel they are over a barrel. The cost of running an entire domain system involves not just registration but legal and IP services, Calvaruso adds. Unless a brand is already an IT firm, she says they will have to pay a specialist firm to help them manage the 10 year commitment.”