New Kelley Drye Initiative Supports E-School for Girls

On July 25th, 2017, associate Jennifer Raviele along with director of diversity Venetta Amory traveled to NYU to participate in a Kelley Drye sponsored women supporting women” component of ESchool4Girls, a two-week summer intensive program designed to empower young women to become confident leaders and entrepreneurs.  The Kelley Drye sponsored initiative was developed to demonstrate the power of women supporting women by encouraging and practicing the lifting up of women and showing the students how it feels to recognize others and be recognized.  The high school students began with a group exercise, women who inspire us,” following which they discussed their entrepreneurial projects and then launched into a contest, where they recognized each other through the use of post-it notes.  It was a wonderful event, with lots of positive energy and more than 423 post-its shared.  Kelley Drye’s NY women associate group hopes to participate again next year.