Mobile Marketer Quotes Partner Gonzalo E. Mon on the Presence of Lawsuits in the Mobile Marketplace

Partner Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted in the Mobile Marketer article Are Lawsuits the Cost of Doing Business in Mobile?” The article discusses how commonplace lawsuits are in the competitive mobile marketplace and how companies simply view it as an added cost to developing groundbreaking technologies. Companies are waging lawsuits as well as defending themselves against competitors’ legal moves as they try to stay in competition.

Mr. Mon is quoted saying that when a lawsuit questions the type of technology involved, some companies hesitate from using those technologies until the suits are settled and lines are drawn.

Many of the suits involve allegations that marketers failed to adequately disclose material terms. It’s unlikely that these suits alone will adversely affect innovation because, in many cases, avoiding legal trouble may simply be a matter of communicating terms more effectively,” said Mr. Mon.

Futher, Mr. Mon warns that the bigger risk in this area is that regulators may pass laws that require companies to do more than is reasonable.