Mobile Marketer Article Quotes Associate Gonzalo Mon

Associate Gonzalo Mon was quoted in a Mobile Marketer article titled, AT&T Mobility to Pay $2.63M in Restitution for Misleading Promotions.” The article discusses New York state attorney general Andrew M. Cuomo’s $2.63 million agreement with AT&T Mobility over a misleading sales promotion involving rebate offers. The attorney general’s agreement requires AT&T to provide more than $2.63 million to consumers who received rebate cards in fulfillment of its rebate offers on mobile phones and other wireless equipment and services. Mr. Mon sheds further light on the case, stating the issue here had less to do with a specific rebate law than it had to do with general principles of advertising law.” He explains that advertisers are required to disclose all of the material terms of the offers. The case proves to be a warning for other companies when it comes to rebate advertisements. Although other carriers are not bound by the terms of the settlement, they — as well as any other company that issues rebates — should certainly pay close attention,” Mr. Mon said. This case demonstrates that states are taking a close look at how companies market their rebate offers.”