Mobile Commerce Daily Quotes Partner Gonzalo E. Mon on Mobile Commerce Privacy Laws

Partner Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted in the Mobile Commerce Daily article, Mobile Commerce Space Will Still Face Legal Issues in2012.” The article discusses the current laws affecting privacy in mobile commerce and the recent legal challenges to mobile campaigns. The main legal issue in the mobile space has to do with privacy; marketers need to pay attention to how they collect and use information from consumers.

Mr. Mon commented, It’s possible that we will see some legislation or regulations enacted in 2012. Unfortunately, it’s likely that will mean the industry will be subject to new restrictions that aren’t currently in place. On the positive side, though, marketers may have more clarity about what they can and cannot do in the mobile space.”

Mr. Mon also noted, In my opinion, the two most important words to remember are disclosure’ and consent.’ Companies need to clearly disclose the terms of their offers and their privacy practices.”