Law360 Quotes Special Counsel Kristi L. Wolff on Fitness Tracker Privacy Issues

Special counsel Kristi L. Wolff was quoted in the Law360 article Biggest Privacy Problems In Fitness Trackers Still To Come.” The article covers the biggest privacy challenges in the field of wearable fitness technology. Ms. Wolff explains that fitness tracker makers are making claims outside of policies, such as advertising claims, that are aimed at assuring customers their information is handled securely. We are also seeing statements regarding sharing with specific portals, such as Apple’s HealthKit and similar platforms,” she said. She also noted a case in which a woman claimed she was in a car accident and was seeking compensation, but data from her fitness tracking device showed she’d actually been working out at the time she claimed she’d been injured. In this kind of case, wearable technology is a new means of electronic discovery,” Ms. Wolff said.

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