Law360 Quotes Partner Michael Coursey on New Customs Rules

Partner Michael Coursey was quoted in the Law360 article Duty Evasion Rules Usher In New Customs Enforcement Era.” Under a new system will be pushed to launch sweeping investigations of companies that are alleged to be shirking anti-dumping and countervailing duties, formalizing a process that for years had been shrouded in the mists of agency discretion. Mr. Coursey notes that, this is the next step in the evolution in of Customs’ investigation of [anti-dumping/countervailing] duty evasion.” He went on to say that, CBP has the power here to reject submissions of business confidential information that are nonconforming, but in practice, if an investigation goes forward, the inability to see confidential data will put whoever is submitting the request for the investigation at a disadvantage.”

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