Law360 Quotes Partner Mark A. Konkel on Issues Surrounding Paternity Leave

Partner Mark A. Konkel was quoted in the Law360 article, Employers Shouldn’t Strike Out On Leave For New Dads.” The article discusses the recent controversy over New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy missing two games due to the birth of his first child. Law360 notes that regardless of the criticisms and social stigmas surrounding paternity leave, laws such as the Family and Medical Leave Act protect the rights of new fathers to take time off of work. Mr. Konkel commented that the reaction to the criticism of Murphy’s decision shows that its widely accepted that men have the right to take some parental leave, but what remains ambiguous is the question of exactly how much leave men, who don’t have to go through the physical rigors of childbirth, are owed.” Mr. Konkel goes on to say, the Murphy story underscores that it is commonly accepted that men have a legitimate interest in spending time with their newborn child. Of course, the devil’s in the details.”