Law360 Quotes Kathleen W. Cannon on Commerce Chinese Dumping Findings

Partner Kathleen W. Cannon was quoted in the Law360 article Commerce Finds Chinese Steel Rod Was Dumped, Subsidized.” The article outlines the  U.S. Department of Commerce’s finding that Chinese companies were dumping carbon and alloy steel wire rod onto the U.S. market by selling them at unfairly low prices. Commerce assessed steep anti-dumping and countervailing duties after affirming the allegations of domestic producers. Ms. Cannon, who represents the domestic producers, tells Law360, The domestic producers are very pleased with this result, and we feel vindicated because we feel Chinese products were dumped and subsidized at a high level, and Commerce’s findings corroborate that.” ArcelorMittal USA LLC and other producers are represented by Ms. Cannon, partner R. Alan Luberda, and partner Paul C. Rosenthal.

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