Law360 Quotes Barbara Hoey on Netflix Employee Walkout

Kelley Drye Labor & Employment Partner Barbara Hoey was quoted in a Law360 article discussing the situation at Netflix.
Anti-discrimination laws give employees the right to complain or protest in response to employer policies that they think are biased, said Barbara Hoey.

If these employees legitimately feel that putting out a discriminatory piece of cinema is indicative of corporate views and that they want to protest that, there might be a judge or an agency that is sympathetic to that,” Hoey said.
However, if it turns out Pagels-Minor really did share the information, that could hurt bias claims they could potentially level at the streaming service.

You can protest, you can complain, but you’ve got to do your job. You can’t be insubordinate, and you can’t leak confidential data, even in the name of whatever you think is the cause. That’s wrong,” Hoey said.
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